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JWB Network Business


Supply of Masstige products

This is a combination of Mass, which means the public, and Prestige Product, which means luxury.

A legitimate business

GMQ Global, legally licensed in Vietnam, creates a platform for salespeople to work with confidence.

Price & Benefits & Quality

We introduce the hybrid sales method which can receive the good goods cheaply and the allowance, and give the best advantage to the salesperson.
Just and You ... From 2014

Who We Are

We are a legitimate company  operating  in Vietnam  with  legally enforced  Multi-level  Marketing License, and operate marketing services based on global e-commerce.

In addition, we  are  leading the  global  e-commerce  sector  through  the  business  of  supplying  the  food  and cosmetics and commercializing the patented technology to the members.

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  • Food Cosmetics